This is a quick-fire guide to what you need to know from road crossing etiquette, to what to expect when eating out, how much to tip and what you need to carry with you.

Out and about

Here's what you need to know when out and about in a German city.

  • Cash is king. Germans have not embraced contactless or card payments in a big way.
  • It's frowned upon to cross the road wherever you see fit. Find a crossing and wait for the signal.
  • When eating out, just like the UK, leaving a 10% tip isn't mandatory, but the gesture is welcomed.
  • Drinking in a German bar? Expect them to either brew their own Pilsner or only have one or two beers on tap.
  • When in a German smokehouse or bar, Germans like to share tables with strangers. Don't worry - they don't bite!

Religion and rest

  • Germany is predominantly Christian, and just like the UK, the Germans welcome people of all religions backgrounds.
  • Sunday is very much the day of rest. You'll struggle to find things to do or places to go on a Sunday, so don't make it one of your core trip days.

Other things to note

  • Germans drive on the right, not the left.
  • You'll be able to use your phone like you would in the UK, no special roaming package needed.
  • Germans use a standard European plug socket, so you'll need an adapter.