Love them or hate them, low cost airlines have opened options, making the world more accessible, but of course there is always a catch. Whether it's baggage policies or the airport itself, there's a trade-off. Here's what you need to know when flying to Oslo Torp.

A little history about Oslo Torp, aka Sandefjord Airport, Torp

Located some 110km (68 miles) from Oslo, 'Oslo Torp' Sandefjord Airport is a considerable distance from Oslo, the capital city of Norway. In the late 90's, Ryanair wanted to market Sanderfjord Airport as 'Oslo South' to broaden the appeal of the airport as a destination.

Ryanair Boeing 737-800 at Oslo Torp airport in winter

Needless to say, the Civil Aviation Administration weren't impressed, called in Easyjet to put their opinion in, they weren't interested in establishing a route, and cutting the story short, Ryanair got their way and it's marketed by them as Oslo Torp.

Sanderfjord under construction, 1947. By Vestfoldmuseene from Sandefjord, Norway - Torp flyplass, Public Domain,

ℹ Top tip - Buy your alcohol in UK duty free

As mentioned in my previous post, Norway is incredibly expensive where it comes to buying alcohol. When flying out, buy your booze from UK duty free - as much as you intend on drinking, but remember with Ryanair, you should probably buy an extra carry-on bag before getting to the airport.

Getting to Oslo from Oslo Torp Airport

The airport is small by British standards, with a single runway and a single terminal, albiet well equipped. There are to options available to you where it comes to getting to Oslo; take the train or the coach. Taxis are available, but expect to re-mortgage your house to cover the cost.

Travel from Oslo Torp to Oslo by train

My preferred method of transport is train. The Norwegian rail network is reliable, regardless of the weather, and when it comes to their snowy sub-zero winters, you're less likely to get delayed by rail.

There is a train every hour from nearby Sanderfjord station to Oslo. You can buy your ticket at the airport from the ticket machine at the airport enterance. There's only one ticket machine, so beat the queue and head straight for it.

Sanderfjord station is really basic, but the shuttle bus drops you just before the arrival.

Every train with the expeption to the last train of the day, has a bus shuttle from the airport to the station. This is provided as part of the price of the ticket.

The train ticket will cost you NOK281 (≈ £25, €28) per person in each direction. The journey takes approximately 1hr 45mins. The trains are modern, spacious and very comfortable.

Travel from Oslo Torp airport to Oslo by coach

Surprisingly, the coach trip is around the same price and the same time as the train to get from Sanderfjord to Oslo. The issue with the coach is, you are a little cramped on the coach compared to the train, and you share the journey with other road users which can cause delays.

Unlike the train, you buy your tickets on-board the 'Torp-ekspressen' coach, which can be found in front of the airport entrance. They depart around 35 minutes after each arrival into Oslo Torp airport. The coach takes around 2 hours, stopping 4 times before arriving at Oslo.

Travelling from Oslo to Oslo Torp airport

My advice, especially in winter, is to take the train when travelling back to the airport in Sanderfjord from Oslo, and make sure you don't get the last possible train before your flight as cancellations can happen.

That concludes my advice. The journey goes from rural or urban and everything inbetween, with dramatic scenery in snowy winter.